Screen Printing Supplies, Transfer printing paper, Wholesale Vinyl, Plastisols ink in London

New for the year we are also offering our customers a comprehensive and complete wholesale supplies of all the accessories, inks and material for screen and transfer printing. We offer the complete range of chemicals, Plastisols Rutland brand of inks, curable reducers, positive films, emulsion all cheap low cost prices. We also have a range of transfer printing materials which includes inkjet transfer paper (iron on transfers) and Vinyl. 


RUTLAND Plastisol ink

RUTLAND Plastisol screen printing ink in Black, White and 14 other colours PR001

PRICE �9.50 We offer quality RUTLAND pastisol inks in 0.5KG, 1KG and 5KG tubs in a range of PANTONE colours to choose from

vinyl transfer

Flex durable quality Vinyl transfer printing CAD-CUT material in 55 colours RF001

PRICE �4.50 We have a huge range of quality textile vinyl which are ideal for CAD cut - we have a massive colour choice in these textile vinyl flex. These vinyl's have superior stretch ability, with a soft matt finish, and has been lab approved for durability and performance. Ideal also for multi-layer applications for multi colour printing

flock vinyl

Quality Flock vinyl for clothing with furry feel RF004

PRICE �7.50 If you are looking for a furry feel to your print runs then we also offer the FLOCK vinyl material in a huge colour choice including all the basic and neon colours in flock material

flock colours

ulano emulsion

Photo emulsion for screen coating ULANOU Proclaim emulsion diazo blue type UN001

PRICE �13 This tried and tested product from ULANO is a all purpose textile and graphic emulsion. The result from the coat is excellent definition and resolution in printing - the stencils produced are sharp and very durable lasting many printing runs on the screen. It also comes with a sensitizer so hence its a TWO-Part emulsion and sensitizer. (AKA Photocure Emulsion)

iron on transfer paper

Neenah transfer printing Inkjet transfer paper Jet Soft for light & dark garments FLM12

PRICE �0.50 We have great range of quality INKJET iron on transfers which are suitable for light and dark colour garments. This transfer paper will work on cotton t shirts, hoodies, polo and many more products.

We offer Transfer paper from NEENAH, Xpress and Forever brand of heat transfers

screen printing transparent film

Inkjet fast dry films for exposing screens positive films for screen printing POS76

PRICE �0.38 Available in A4 and A3 size films this is an economy grade microporous aqueous coated translucent film. This product is made using the advance technology for getting high quality positives, negatives and colour separations to be used with INKJET printers. It has a great feature where the ink instantly dries with good water resistance - they have great dimensional stability and high UV density.

adhesive glue spray

Glue HiTack spray for screen printing platen adhesive spray for boards SPRY64

PRICE �5 This adhesive spray is perfect for platens in order to hold the garments in place while screen printing. This is a Textile Mist Adhesive spray which you can buy in single, pack or carton. Its cheap and fast and will ensure you get great printing results

If you are looking to place a bulk order then contact us for LOWER prices

weeding tool for peeling vinyl

Weeding Tool for peeling vinyl transfers MT307

PRICE �8 The tool for weeding the vinyl material off before heat transferring on the garment is a very important step which require the tool to be sharp and durable

Comes in one style in stainless steel

cutter plotter graphtec

CE6000-60 Cutting and Plotter with stand vinyl & Signs printing - GRAPHTEC MT351

PRICE �1330 Graphtec entry level plotter are very reliable and ideal for sign making and t shirt printing. The Cutting speeds is 600mm to 1000mm per second with a Acceleration of 21.2 metres per second. This is ideal for anyone thinking of getting into the t shirt printing business. The control panel is very easy to use with Auto registration mark detection.

manual heat press

Quality Adkins Manual Heat Transfer press MT500

PRICE �950 We also offer manual heat transfer press machines -if you are planning to do transfer printing such as vinyl printing then we have quality durable manual and automatic heat press for fast delivery

Size is 38 x 50cm


Wholesale supplier of Plastisols ink for screen printing RUTLAND ink

Rutland ink is a world renowned brand and well known in the screen printing industry. We offer a complete range at wholesale prices for plastisol inks in a range of colours. The consistency and quality of Rutland inks make it a number choice for all screen printers. We offer Pantone-licensed Plastisol - the prices on offer are also very low. Rutland's primary ink colors are all PANTONE� licensed making it ideal for artwork approval and a standard for the printing industry. These inks ideal for printing on 100% cotton fabrics. Also ideal for poly/cotton blends when using a low-bleed underlay white. Rutland's Finished Ink Color Mixing System will in the long term lower your ink costs and increase your production that is why its the number 1 choice for screen printers.

Printing equipment and cheap supplies for transfer and screen printing for less in London

As a wholesale supplier we ensure our prices are not just cheap but also offering great quality products from the top brands in the industry when it comes to printing. Now you can get all your main supplies at one stop which includes quality transfer paper, vinyls and Plastisol inks and other chemicals.

plastisols ink supplier London

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