Made-To-Order: Step by Step guide

1. How do you classify the style of this Order? E.g. Polo, Sweatshirt, Hooded, Ladies Skinny, Woven men's shirt

2. What will be the quantity of the order, per style, per size, per colour? E.g. Sweats: - Navy/ Small-10; Large-20

3. What will be the fabric composition or quality of the fabric? E.g. 100% combed cotton or 50-50 polyester, plain weave

4. What kind of sizes e.g. S, M, L, XL and their approximate  measurements - chest and length?

5. Do you know what the exact colour of the garment will be? E.g. Can you provide us with a 'Pantone' colour number or send colour cuttings?

6. Will the garment have a print? If ‘yes’, do you have a specific type in mind (Photo print or screen print) & what will be the approx size in 'cm', length & width (on front or back)? Note: Minimum order for custom printing or embroidery work is 10 pieces (but more you buy the more you save on cost)

NB: The above print is licensed prints (COPY RIGHTS)  authorised by the responsible companies to print

Photo print costs approximately (contact us for approx price)

Screen Print costs approximately

7. Will it have any kind of embroidery work? If ‘yes’, then what will be the rough size in cm (on front or back?)

Embroidery costs approximately (e.g. "Hard Core" approximately 9000 stitches):- £ 0.70p per piece (this is for bulk orders - smaller orders will be more expensive)

8.  Can you send sketches OR design pictures OR a sample?

9. Whose label will it be?  i.e. our label 'Stars & Stripes' or your own specifically designed label

10. What will be the delivery date of the order?

11. What is your estimate price limit? E.g. Do you have a price limit above which it will not be workable for your company?

Note: The prices given above should ONLY be used as a guide line and NOT be treated as the actual price for all designs or styles.

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us on:

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